Author Topic: illegal migrant infects US woman with zika virus in florida  (Read 10748 times)

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illegal migrant infects US woman with zika virus in florida
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:09:24 PM »
Florida health officials have confirmed first case of sexually transmitted Zika virus in Florida.

Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong’s office announced Wednesday 2 new cases of Zika had been confirmed in Polk County. Officials say one case was travel-related and the other  was sexually transmitted.

World Health Organization now says sexual transmission of the virus is more common than previously thought.

Health officials urge men who have been to zika virus outbreak areas to abstain from unprotected sex.
Hi guys I live in Orlando Florida. I now have 2 zika virus cases reported here. so since zika virus is spread through sex and when a mosquito bites and infected person and then bites another person infecting them I am worried about living here in Florida. Thousands of illegals arrive here each day.  Soon 1 in 5 kids will be born with zika virus.  We need a wall here in florida! 

I hate going outside wearing long sleeves shirts and spraying on bug repellent.  SO I will be moving out of florida soon!