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Political Punks blog and podcast
« on: October 02, 2015, 10:16:36 AM »
Hello Everybody!

I just found this podcast and blog in the last week or two when I read and I want to share it with the Cave.

I found the podcast when I read this article by Lisa De Pasquale on Breitbart's site:

The Movies That Define Each Generation

That led me to find the podcast and in turn the blog.  I think this article and podcast are the best of the blog so far (I haven't listened to the latest episode yet) so I am specifically sharing these but if you like podcasts, give this one a go. The blogpost has a link right to the podcast, although I prefer to get mine sent right to the phone via Downcast. I don't think it will start playing automatically. It doesn't on my computer at any rate.

PPP #3: The Movies That Define Each Generation

The other half of Political Punks is comic book artist Brett Smith but other than what I have heard, I don't know much about him or his work.
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