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Mr Mannn:
my 3 month plan is very good for meat...But not so good for veggies. I need more cans.

I have dried veggies from Amazon for Vegetable soup. one package. All I have to do is reconstitute them and they are good for a lot more than soup.
I have two packages of dried hominy...

all nice but I need more for balanced meals. I don't eat a lot of canned veggies. I have green beans and hominy.

So what canned veggies do you eat? I don't want to stock something I won't like.
How was the fresh produce during the last scare in 2020?

I do my level best to avoid canned vegetables at all - except beans, tomatoes, tomato paste, etc.

We've got pretty good capacity on frozen goods storage, so we have no shortage of frozen veggies.

I remember the Covid crap from 2020 and the stupid panic-buying that people were doing of TP and hand sanitizer. Cleaning agents too were in short supply.

old dog 2:
canned: vegetable soup, beets, corn, carrots, green beans.  I don't like canned corn and carrots but you need a little diversity.  The right spices can make almost anything taste good.

freeze dried: cauliflower rice.  It's actually as good or better than real rice.

meat: canned sardines, tuna, salmon.

Mr Mannn:
My goal is to last for 3 months.
I have a case of precooked, canned chicken,
a case of precooked, canned diced ham.
a case of spam,
Freeze dried:
2 #10 cans of hamburger
2 #10 cans of diced beef
2 #10 cans of pulled pork
------------------------------------------------------------ I think I am well set for meat products.
1 #10 cans of freeze dried shredded cheddar cheese
1# 10 can of blueberry granola (with milk powder)
1#10 cans of sailor's bread (hardtack)
2 cans of mountain house rice and chicken (10 meals each)
1 case of rice in #10 cans (6)
1 tub of rice 35 pounds.
2 #10 cans of flour (actually good for 10-15 years)
1 bag of flour, 1 bag of rice in cupboard,
1 bah of black eyed beans
1 bag dried veggies
2 bags dried hominy
2 containers of powdered milk
10 packages of knor pasta sides
10 packages of Knor rice sides
1 big tube of grits plain
1 box of 6 oatmeal maple flavor
1 case of dinty moore stew
1 case of chili no beans
3 cans of green beans
6 cans of hominy

fruit and veggies are my next move

Mrs. E and I have an African grey parrot. Parrot diets are notorious for their adhesion to fresh fruits, vegetables, and plant protein. For example, we prepare and freeze what we call "perch mix". It consists of:
- eggshells (females need the calcium for egg production if they're laying -- ours is not)
- cinnamon stick
- field corn (we buy it in the bag at Tractor Supply and keep it in the freezer -- trust me, you DON'T want to keep that stuff in your larder without freezing it. You'll have all kinds of insects everywhere).
- Navy beans
- Black-eyed peas
- Split peas
- Rice
- Sweet potato (fresh)
- Oatmeal (the real stuff, not that instant crap)
- Fine pasta, like angel hair
- Raisins
- Frozen peas

We make up a batch and it lasts one bird about a month. We mix that with pulse-chopped fresh veggies (gotta make this about 2x per week) that consists of:

- Kale
- Fresh carrot
- Fresh zucchini
- Fresh yellow squash
- Fresh chopped apple (no seeds - they contain a minute amount of cyanide)
- Fresh sweet peppers
- whatever else we might have on hand that's fresh

 (We've fostered as many as 4 birds at one time.) In addition to all that, we make a sweet potato "snack" which consists of:

- Sweet potato (2 large)
- 2 bananas
- 2 cups of frozen mixed veggies
- 2 cups of granola or other type of cereal

These get set out in balls and frozen and she gets one every other day, along with 2 unsalted unshelled almonds.

I point this out to illustrate that keeping a food larder ain't real easy for some folks.

Oh, the vet says after a recent exam that she's one healthy bird!  :lmao:


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