Author Topic: We now know why US cannot share its COVID19 vaccines with the world - TRUMP  (Read 119 times)

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I swear these people can't get anything right.  I know it hasn't been a month since I saw yet another one of their threads about how Trump didn't order ENOUGH vaccines for the US because he was stupid and had no clue what he was doing.  NOW they post this;

Nevilledog (23,058 posts)

We now know why US cannot share its COVID19 vaccines with the world - TRUMP

Tweet text:
Eric Feigl-Ding
📍NEW—We now know why US cannot share its #COVID19 vaccines with the world—Trump WH had forced legal contracts that blocks US doses by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J from being donated. Hence 🇨🇦&🇲🇽 only got “loans”, despite >45 mil dose US surplus. 🧵

On the morning of March 31, roughly 25 Biden administration officials gathered at the White House, double-masked, for a meeting called on short notice by a member of the National Security Council. They were there, they believed, to debate how best to broaden the federal government’s COVID-19 response beyond U.S. borders, and reclaim America’s traditional role as the world’s public health leader.

The challenges they planned to address were daunting. The Trump administration had poisoned relations with the rest of the world, first severing ties with the World Health Organization and then politicizing the pandemic, referring to COVID-19 as the Wuhan virus and even “kung flu.” Into the vacuum rushed Russia and China, who began currying favor around the world by distributing their own vaccines—of possibly dubious quality.

Inside the U.S., all eyes have been focused on the chaotic rollout of vaccinations. But if current trends continue, it will be months if not weeks before every adult who wants a shot is able to get one. Very soon, the U.S. will be in possession of a vast COVID vaccine surplus. And that, global-health experts within the government agree, could quickly turn into a P.R. nightmare. “Can you imagine the condemnation of the world if America has vaccines sitting on warehouse shelves expiring with the rest of the world dying?” said one senior government official with knowledge of the meeting.

Unfortunately, sending doses overseas is no simple matter. To even begin planning in earnest how to do so, an essential document entitled The Framework for International Access needed to be greenlit. That was a goal of several officials in attendance at the meeting at the White House last Wednesday.


So which is it?  Trump was too stupid to order enough vaccines, OR he ordered them ALL because he is evil and didn't want anyone else in the world to have them??

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1. Trump is a monster.

Well, that answer didn't take long.  LOL

meadowlander (3,025 posts)

5. Lots of governments hedged their bets because they didn't know which versions

were going to get approval. They pre-ordered as many doses as they could get across the three or four different versions of the vaccine that were likely to get through. Sensible countries were then planning to donate the surplus to countries that missed out.

I agree that the corporations will likely allow renegotiation of thee contracts at least with respect to whether the surplus can be donated. It's not like they're going to get a better price from Tuvalu directly than they got from the US who pre-ordered in a frenzy and overpaid and then wants to donate to Tuvalu.

moonscape (3,342 posts)

6. As someone else said, contracts can be

renegotiated. Biden also is responsible for the boosted production isn’t he? I thought the pror admin didn’t order that many.

Pfizer wasn’t part of Operation Warp Speed except as an advance order, i.e. didn’t accept funds for development, so it would be odd to have the same contracts, no?

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11. President Biden lovingly called a wily old fox will find a way around doubt

Guess PortTack didn't want to answer moonscape's question.


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The DUmmies should prove that they care about the rest of the world by refusing ChiVi vaccinations.  That'll teach Trump a lesson.

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So, all the vaccines' development and testing were funded and/or aided by the US, but what US taxpayers purchased should just be given away?

Trump's OWS negotiated purchase contracts with AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer, and Sanofi in summer 2020, well before the success of any was assured. Canada or Mexico or EuroLand could have done the same, but didn't. The contracts were conditional on receiving FDA Emergency Use Authorization. The only risk to taxpayers in the contracts was that all of the vaccines would receive EUA and the US would have more vaccine doses than needed. That's a rather low price for not putting taxpayers' vaccine eggs in one technology or company's basket.

EuroLand waited and played nickle-and-dime games ($5 per dose for several hundred million doses is not peanuts ... unless compared to the cost of shutting down large parts of several nations' economies!). Why in Hades EuroLand didn't back vaccine development at AstraZeneca (a UK-Sweden company), Pfizer (whose partner, BioNTech is a German company), Sanofi (a French company), I do not understand. The EU pooed their vaccine screwch and EuroLand is experiencing a Covid surge.

Canada went single-source with CanSino, whose vaccine is much delayed (still in Phase 3), . Why Canuckia didn't back the bleep out of Canadian company Medicago, I don't understand. Medicago just start their Phase 3 test of their vaccine on March 16, 2021 (see their news releases ). The Canuckian government learned about the folly of sole-sourcing uncertain venture and dragged the whole country with them. Unlike the US, UK, and Israel, Canuckia is experiencing a surge in Covid cases.

I have no clue what, if anything, Mexico did wrt vaccines until it begged for Biden to give them some of the US' vaccines. Mexico lucked out. Due to test procedural errors, AstraZeneca's vaccine, which was the farthest ahead in summer 2020, has been delayed and AZ has not yet applied to the FDA for EUA. Meanwhile, AZ had millions of doses manufactured in anticipation of receiving approval, which are not yet usable in the US. So Biden "loaned" Mexico the AZ vaccine. AZ's vaccine is, currently, the lowest priced, and by the time Mexico might buy vaccine to replace what they borrowed, the price might be even lower. Not that I believe Mexico will actually repay the "loan".

So, how has Trump's multi-vendor, multi-technology turned out? Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J are approved and shipping. AstraZeneca and Novavax may be applying for Emergency Use Authorization very soon. AZ's vaccine may be turned down due to very poor effectiveness vs. a known SARS-CoV-2 variant (that's my guess, not any news I've read). Sanofi had to reformulate their vaccine (due to poor performance) and resumed Phase 2 in February. ALL of the successes LIEden is trying to claim are due to work done by Trump's OWS.

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... despite >45 mil dose US surplus.

There is no "surplus". Pfizer + Moderna + J&J have not yet shipped enough vaccine doses to vaccinate every person in the US currently allowed to receive the vaccine. And the chances that youth/children under age 16 (Pfizer) and 18 (Moderna and J&J) will be allowed to receive the vaccine in a few months are pretty high, significantly enlarging the number of doses needed.

So, whence came that "45 mil dose surplus" claim? Someone's rectum? Well, not exactly. Pretty much from Day 1 of vaccinations more doses have been shipped to US states than the states have gotten injected. Throughout the month of January that number of doses received sitting in storage waiting to be used was in the 20M-22M range. Then J&J was approved, and Pfizer's and Moderna's production processes became significantly more efficient. Since the end of February (when J&J was approved) that number of doses in storage awaiting use has grown to over 50 million, , as of yesterday morning.

So either "Eric Feigl-Ding" (whoever the bleep he is, if he even exists) is too ignorant to understand basic top-line numbers from the CDC, or he's lying about those CDC numbers to push an anti-US and anti-Trump agenda.

I wonder if "Eric Feigl-Ding" is a Crocktor like Jill Biden is.

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