Author Topic: Filling Gasoline Cars Could Become Cheaper Than Charging EVs In The UK  (Read 230 times)

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Filling Gasoline Cars Could Become Cheaper Than Charging EVs In The UK

Due to skyrocketing energy prices, Britons could soon face higher costs for charging their electric vehicles (EVs) at home than filling up gasoline-fueled cars, The Washington Times reports.

The high energy and electricity prices that could undermine the growth in EVs uptake in the UK and globally could be a cautionary tale for what could be the future in the U.S. if the energy transition is pushed to accelerate without accounting for whether EVs and renewable energy sources could replace fossil fuels, analysts tell The Washington Times.

“For the U.S., this actually gets to an underlying fallacy of a lot of people that are pushing electric vehicles: they assert electric vehicles are cheaper because they assume electricity prices are going to stay cheap,” Kenny Stein, policy director of the Institute for Energy Research, told The Washington Times.

Last week, the UK energy regulator Ofgem said the new price cap for household energy bills would be $4,113 (£3,549) per year, an 80-percent hike in the energy price cap aimed at shielding consumers from price swings, promising to plunge millions more into energy poverty.

Fill up gasoline or petrol could get cheaper than charging in Great Britain.
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