Author Topic: Michigan State's Final Four loss brings unruly crowds to streets, 23 arrested  (Read 319490 times)

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Michigan State's Final Four loss brings unruly crowds to streets, 23 arrested

Hundreds of disappointed Michigan State basketball fans triggered mayhem in the streets of East Lansing after the Spartans' 61-51 loss to Texas Tech in Saturday night's national semifinal, hurling bottles and tearing down street signs, according to local police.

The East Lansing Police Department said in a statement Sunday that the crowd congregated at a downtown intersection immediately after the game. Approximately 30 minutes later, the fans moved to another intersection where they started blocking traffic and throwing glass bottles into the air. Officials estimated the crowd at being between 1,200 and 1,500 people at its peak.

The department said 23 arrests were made Saturday evening, all but one for misdemeanor offenses. The department also said fire crews responded to 10 small fires across the city, which "consisted of small pieces of furniture and there were no significantly sized crowds gathered around these fires."

The same school plagued by Larry Nassar lost in the Final Four. They did not take the loss too well.  :mental:
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in other words, michigan state fans act exactly how the democrat party acts when they lose an election....
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