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Favorite Teams!?
« on: January 23, 2018, 12:25:11 AM »
What are your favorite sports teams and why?

Growing up, I use to collect basketball cards. After Jordan left, I was getting older anyways, and lost interest for basketball. Why do most Chicago teams seem to always disperse their teams after they win a major championship?

I like baseball. I really like the Chicago Cubbies, and have since I was like 10 years old.
My grandpa liked them, and that's why I started rooting for them. If it wasn't for my grandpa, I wouldn't watch baseball or any of the big mainstream sports, because in today's world they just seem to have so many problems such as cheating, guns, gang related players, steroids, and so much corruptness that I'd rather just not have to watch that crap or support them. A lot of the players out there are never happy with the millions that they make and are greedy and always want more! And one of the worst parts is that they sit there and complain about it like little whiney babies. Just go out and do your job, and play the sport! Do it for the love of the game! for the fans! At what point did it only become about just the money!? You don't need to do a huge dance or celebrate every time you do your job, and make a good or descent play. Not every time!? Occasionally is one thing, but common! It's just gotten to the point where it's pathetic!

I also like tennis. Rafael Nadal(Rafa) is my favorite player of all time. He is a very honorable player, and respectful to his opponents and to the crowd, and he has a no quit, never give up type attitude! When I played tennis I tried to always hit just one more shot, to make my opponent play at least one more shot. Sometimes they would miss an easy shot. Tennis players overall percentage wise don't get hardly anything compared to other sports with money. In tennis, if you're not thee elite of the elite, it's hard to make a living in the sport. I'm talking top 50-100 in the world! In most other sports you can be ranked 100 and still make hundreds of thousands per year if not millions.
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Re: Favorite Teams!?
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2018, 09:40:35 AM »
I am a long suffering fan of Georgia sports teams. The last champion we had was the '95 Braves. Ever since them, Ga sports seems to be cursed.

The '96 Braves lost the World Series by losing 4 games in a row to the Yankees.
You know the story of the Falcons last year...ugh.
The UGA Bulldogs had a wonderful year, winning a spectacular Rose Bowl in OT...only to lose the Championship in OT to Alabama.

But I still love my Bulldogs, Falcons, and Braves. I am also a Steelers fan; but not hardcore. The only time I don't root for them is when they are playing my Falcons. I'm not a basketball no favorite team in that sport.
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