Terrorism In the US and Around the World

Child Boards

[-] Boston Marathon Bombing


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[1] Unvetted Afghans CANNOT be found. Biden brought them here, now they're GONE

[2] antifa bomber released. No bail. Felony charges dropped.

[3] US Muslim (Cair) groups have called for terrorist Aafia Siddiqui's release

[4] Suspected Antifa activist busted with pipe bomb, ‘direct action’ plan near...

[5] Newly released FBI tapes show white supremacist members of 'The Base' plotting..

[6] Top Iranian nuclear scientist bites the dust

[7] German National Shot Attempting to Reach Kabul Airport

[8] Taliban KILLS Family member of German broadcaster DW journalist.

[9] antifa uses knife to stab a man. Attempted murder/no arrests


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