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The Sony HDR-SR10
« on: January 03, 2011, 02:28:00 PM »

This Camera may be a bit old but it shots full 1080 for great videos. The videos the camera outputs can be hard to edit on most pre Core 2 Duo computers as it uses the AVCHD format.

With 40GB of hard drive space you'll be shooting video for hours on end, however you may wish to buy a few extra batteries. (Or 1 big battery)

If you're planning on buying a video camera I'd recommend this one. It's been dropped in the Atlantic ocean, run over, in 2 serious car wrecks, in a snow drift and has fallen of the roof of the car when I leave it there multiple times.

I'm not going to go into anything big here but if you want a good, dependable camera for shooting HD this should be on your short list. I bought one on sale and I just bought a second one. Just make sure to shop around for a good price as you can get this camera from between $600 and $800.