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90% Number Disappears from News Stories
« on: April 04, 2011, 03:01:23 PM »

Just a few months ago a quick review of news stories about the Mexican drug cartels would quote the false statistic that 90% of the firearms used by these gangs come from the United States. State Department documents cracked by WikiLeaks show that the government has long known that the 90% number is a lie. And yet Secretary of State Clinton has quoted this misinformation in speeches. Even the President has propagated this mistruth.

Not only has the false statistic disappeared, the entire Mexican drug war has gone the way of the dinosaur. Could it be that the scandalous AFT Project Gunwalker, an operation that allowed illegal sales north of the boarder, is keeping the story from the public conscience?

The leaked State Department documents, along with Project Gunwalker paint a picture of an administration that is either exceptionally devious or totally clueless. The devious model shows an executive branch that is manipulating and hiding information to make the United States an equal partner in evil when it comes to Mexican drug smuggling. The mainstream media, which has gone from a covert to an overt supporter of President Obama, would naturally want to kill this view.

The alternative view is almost as damning: the administration, from the very top positions, doesn’t have control over the bureaucracy. If the President is to be believed, middle management created and implemented Project Gunwalker without the knowledge of the Attorney General or the Secretary of State. And yet the blowback from Gunwalker has international implications that have strained U.S./Mexican relations. This alternative doesn’t fit the view that President Obama is a hands-on, hard working genius who carefully mulls over all contingencies with the precision of a logic professor.

There isn’t any middle ground so to protect their candidate; the news media is saying nothing. The President’s default position appears to be blame America first. Thousands of Mexican citizens have been killed during that government’s war on the drug gangs and by repeating the 90% number we lose good-will with the Mexican people. It’s no wonder that some hate the gringos. Allowing a few thousand weapons to be smuggled into Mexico through Project Gunwalker is scandalous enough.

The founders believed that a free press was necessary so that the citizen can be well informed about what the government is doing. By joining a conspiracy of silence, our media is hiding some of the President’s warts. But these are warts that need to be revealed. Why would President Obama change the way he conducts himself if his mistakes remain hidden in open site? In all likeliness he will run in 2012 and right now he is the frontrunner. It is better for everyone if his mistakes become part of public discourse so he can make positive changes.
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Re: 90% Number Disappears from News Stories
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2011, 03:08:13 PM »
"Devious" and "Clueless" are not mutually exclusive.
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Re: 90% Number Disappears from News Stories
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"Devious" and "Clueless" are not mutually exclusive.
I would aspire to comments so succinct, so terse, and yet so profound.
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