Author Topic: Republican US Rep Greg Steube Fell off His Roof: DUmmies send well wishes  (Read 260 times)

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Or not...three separate threads I found about this unfortunate incident:

Tony_FLADEM (3,015 posts)

Republican US Rep Greg Steube Fell off His Roof Earlier Today

Star Member Takket (18,130 posts)

1. Putin?

Star Member Sky Jewels (2,616 posts)

23. Antifa!

They planted that tree long ago to prepare for this very moment!

Star Member 70sEraVet (2,195 posts)

6. They must be having trouble finding people to work on roofs in Florida.

They might have to bring in some workers from Martha's Vineyard.

Star Member Aristus (60,902 posts)

10. A gravity-denier, I'm guessing.

Science wins again!

Star Member tavernier (11,157 posts)

11. I hope he's not seriously injured.

As a lifelong nurse I have seen far too many of these types of accidents.

But someone says HELL NO!!! :panic: :panic: :panic:

Seeking Serenity (2,611 posts)

21. I hope he is

I wouldn't shed any tears if he dies in serious pain and without opioids that he likely has voted (or will at some point) to deny to people with legitimate chronic pain

Star Member malaise (252,361 posts)

MAGA ReTHUG Congressman Greg Steube fell 25 ft from a ladder
while cutting tree limbs yesterday

He fell about 25 feet before being transported to a Sarasota hospital.
U.S. Rep. Greg Steube was hospitalized after a fall from the roof of his home.

The incident was first reported by Florida Politics’ Peter Schorsch and then later confirmed by Steube’s congressional office.
If he survives, he will have a lot of time to think about his support for the Domestic Terrorist in Chief.

Michael Moore sure was prescient

Star Member niyad (96,117 posts)

1. May he receive everything he deserves.

Fullduplexxx (6,614 posts)

6. He didn't mind the socialism that transported him to the hospital

He should have been left there to his bootstraps .

Star Member LiberalFighter (45,169 posts)

11. Not far enough

MissMillie (36,810 posts)

27. Not going to wish anything bad for him on this

Can't do it.

My sister fell 12 feet off of a ladder, compound fracture in the leg and shattered her ankle. Multiple surgeries and a stubborn bone infection. Her veteran's health insurance didn't want to pay to put her ankle back together again. She had to fight all kinds of battles: physical and administrative.

She didn't walk for 14 months.

I won't wish that stuff on ANYONE.

I'm well aware that the GOPers are often the reason why our veterans (and a lot of other people) don't get the care they need. I'm still not going to delight in this misfortune. I hope he gets what he needs and heals quickly. (And then of course, I hope he has a revelation and changes his tune on some things.)

Star Member malaise (252,361 posts)

28. I don't wish anything on him

He already fell and unlike Paul Pelosi, he did this all on his own.
I have not one iota of sympathy for folks who dtoke the fires of hatred and promote violence against others.

You mean Uncle Paulie and his gay lover?  Denial, a river in Egypt...

One more thread for good measure:

Star Member RandySF (40,879 posts)

GOP Lawmaker Falls from Roof

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) was transported to a hospital after falling from the roof of his home, Florida Politics reports.

No details about his injuries were immediately available.

Pantagruel (2,378 posts)

1. Can neither confirm

nor deny he was blind drunk!

Star Member WA-03 Democrat (2,783 posts)

2. The R stands for

Russia right?

Hope he is okay.

mobeau69 (9,561 posts)

3. Did he ever cross the slobfather?

Why yes, President Trump was hiding behind the chimney with a broom to shove Congressman Steube off the roof.

Ah, the party of unity and compassion...
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Fullduplexxx (6,614 posts)

6. He didn't mind the socialism that transported him to the hospital

He should have been left there to his bootstraps .

In the past I've seen where the primitives call snow plows socialism--now ambulances too, it looks like.
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  • Yes, really. Liberals DO disgust me.
In the past I've seen where the primitives call snow plows socialism--now ambulances too, it looks like.

Where I'm from, you take an ambulance, you get a bill for the ride. Where's the socialism in that?
Liberals disgust me. (Now I don't have to remember to put it on each post).

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