Author Topic: VIDEO: Hilarious Response to Liberals Whining Over "LatinX" Banned in Arkansas  (Read 148 times)

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As expected liberals went into whining mode over new Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders issuing an executive order banning state government from using the offensive PC term "LatinX." The liberals may whine but here is an HILARIOUS response to their angst.

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I think Miss Cordona is subconsciously a white girl, despite her Colombian heritage.  With enough transition therapy, I'm sure she can come to grips with and embrace her true identity.     
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These stories are always just laughable. The only people it pleases are woketard elite white liberals. Those of Latino heritage are proud of their names which indicate female or male gender by the "a" or "o".
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>  liberals went into whining mode  ...

The champions of fake words are the males pretending to be female while aching for the male seed.

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Houston has 5% more Latinos than white folk.  38% - 33%.  I don't a single one that wants to be called Latinx.  Not one and I work with and around mostly hispanic folks.

LULAC fought the release of the census because of that difference.  They don't want to lose their minority status.  I'M the minority around here when I'm in Houston.

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