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HIGHLY Recommend Elvis
« on: August 11, 2022, 09:20:37 PM »
Bought this movie on Itunes for my Apple TV yesterday and loved it. It talks about both sides of Colonel Tom Parker and shows how Elvis was influenced by black, country, and gospel music. I've read a lot about it and was hesitant about buying it. The director is only known for a few movies, most I've never seen. Moulin Rouge (never had the desire), Great Gatsby (It was 'aight), and Australia. I did like that one. Not sure why he was chosen for the project but he did an AMAZING job. My second cousin, Duff Dorrough RIP, always reminded me of Elvis. He was the guitarist and vocalist for The Tangents and Revelators in Mississippi, some were from New Orleans. They were always a regional band. He lived and was born in the Ruleville, Ms. area. Dude literally played with legends like BB King, Muddy Waters, etc. He was also an extremely talented artist. Never wanting for anything. Used to show up and play in shorts and cowboy boots with duct tape holding them together and his father was a medical doctor at Bolivar General. He always made it work doing shows, selling art, even painted the mural in Ruleville for free. You couldn't drag him from that area for any amount of money. It's a very depressed area but it was his home. Eupher has probably driven through when he lived over there. Black music back then was AMAZING. Crazy how it's regressed so much, but this is just my opinion.

One of his last before he passed away as a solo.

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Re: HIGHLY Recommend Elvis
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2022, 04:25:35 AM »
Drove through Ruleville every Monday night for at least a year on my way down to Greenwood for rehearsal. Ruleville was also where my FFL was. Small town, charming, but yeah, depressed like most small towns in the MS Delta.

Mrs. E and I lived in Cleveland, MS from 2015-2016, then we bought a house in Merigold (just north of Cleveland) for only another year before moving to Arkansas. One thing I always enjoyed was watching the cropdusters fly.

Good to see you on these pages, Reb.  :cheersmate:
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