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Title: Obama's Balckwater buddies...
Post by: dutch508 on July 29, 2008, 04:12:30 PM
Yeah, the DUmp finally is talking about this.

Here is one comment that caught my eye:

peace13  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jul-29-08 02:06 PM
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17. Face it...
 We have a military that can no longer protect or feed itself. By design, Shooter has decimated the forces. Our troops have been hung out to dry by the chicken-hawks who squat in our WH. Go figure.

Well, when we downsized the military in the 1990s we did away with logistical and maintenance forces first, knowing that in a war these would have to be made up by contractors.

but, enough of logical discussion, on to the zaininess...

RamboLiberal  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jul-29-08 11:03 AM
Original message
Blackwater protected Barack Obama in Afghanistan 
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Source: Telegraph

(Barack Obama) He added: "Most contractors act as if the law doesn't apply to them. Under my plan, if contractors break the law, they will be prosecuted."

In Pennsylvania in March he stated that "we have to crack down on private contractors like Blackwater, because I don't believe they should be able to run amok and put our own troops in danger and get paid three or four times or ten times what our soldiers are getting paid".

So who do you think protected Obama and his fellow senators Jack Reed and Chuck Hagel during their recent and much ballyhooed congressional delegation trip to Afghanistan? Yep, that's right - Blackwater.

In his Washington Whispers column, the well-connected Paul Bedard reports that Obama was overheard saying that "Blackwater is getting a bad rap". A fairly startling alleged observation given his previous utterances about the company - though perhaps unsurprising given he was in a war zone and his life was in the hands of Blackwater guards.

A tight-lipped Anne Tyrrell, spokeswoman for Blackwater, said she could neither confirm nor deny that the company had been involved in the visits by the senators to Afghanistan or Iraq. My request to Bill Burton, Obama's national spokesman, for comment on the Bedard story - including whether the alleged quote or its sentiment was genuine - went unanswered.
Read more:

WTF! Damn it, I don't want these mercenaries protecting our presidential candidates! BTW, the article says they didn't protect him in Iraq. F' this, how's a senator, congressperson or a president supposed to make a rational decision on Blackwater when they have to put their lives in these mercenaries hands?

good question. You won't get a good answer here, however.

Whoa_Nelly  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jul-29-08 11:09 AM
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1. Can this story get to the Obama 'Fight The Smears" somehow?
 If only to have it be confirmed, denied, or otherwise brought to the table by Obama?

 ::) Noooooo... can't be true!!!

Indenturedebtor  (1000+ posts)      Tue Jul-29-08 11:15 AM
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4. Objection - Hearsay n/t

somebody reads crime fiction books....

RamboLiberal  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jul-29-08 11:34 AM
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8. Get back to what it originally was U.S. military protection and/or State Department security forces. How the hell were our government officials protected before Blackwater?????????

again...lower the number of troops available, have less available to guard the politico's asses...

TrogL  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jul-29-08 12:40 PM
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10. I suspect there's nobody left
 I'm reminded of the Emerson Lake and Palmer song Karn Evil 9

Rejoice! glory is ours!
Our young men have not died in vain,
Their graves need no flowers
The tapes have recorded their names.

Lacking the draft, they're running out of volunteers. Stop loss is only going to carry them so far.

My original point, however, was that pragmatically, Obama had to use what was available.

facts are not their strong point, are they? making our recuiting goals for the eigth straight year across the DoD.

Title: Re: Obama's Balckwater buddies...
Post by: Crazy Horse on July 29, 2008, 05:06:09 PM

Bunch of ****wit poo flinging idjits....................and NO SIR...........facts aren't their strong points
Title: Re: Obama's Balckwater buddies...
Post by: TheSarge on July 29, 2008, 05:27:34 PM
peace13  (1000+ posts)       Tue Jul-29-08 02:06 PM
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17. Face it...
 We have a military that can no longer protect or feed itself.

So I guess my wife cooking dinner in the kitchen of my DoD provided 4 bdr house is just my imagination?

By design, Shooter has decimated the forces.

Yet somehow all branches including the Reserve and Guard keep meeting our recruiting goals.  We've made technological leaps in lethality and technology being deployed on the battlefield.

Remind me under which CINC did the readiness levels of 3 combat brigades drop BELOW 70%?

Our troops have been hung out to dry by the Socialist Democrats who squat in our Congress.


Go figure.

Indeed.  :whatever:
Title: Re: Obama's Balckwater buddies...
Post by: Rebel on July 29, 2008, 06:11:02 PM
Yeah, it's funny when I see E-3's driving late-model BMW's, Mercedes', new trucks, etc. When I talked to my father when I went in he was astonished at my pay. What seemed small to me in '92 really wasn't small, considering I wasn't paying for a damn thing. He, on the other hand, was making beans in '69. Our troops today? I won't say they're banking, but they're not hurting by a long shot. Yeah, you enlist as an E-1 with a wife and 4 f'n kids, you might be hurting....but that's not the damn military's fault. You got off your ass, now get your wife off her back.