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Barney Frank admits mortgages were given to the wrong people

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Well, well, well. Seems the liberal spinners gonna have to admit they were wrong. I have heard so much crap about how it was wall street, when it turns out the root of the problem was the mortgage lenders. What he did not say was that he was wrong and Bush was correct.

From MSNBC no less.

Barney Frank admits he was wrong!!

Lot of stuff in the article... I'll just hit the Barney Frank highlite:


--- Quote ---Former Rep. Barney Frank, who was the chairman of the Financial Services Committee and one of authors of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law that President Barack Obama signed in 2010 to avert future financial crises, said the 2008 Wall Street debacle “could not happen in the same way” today. “The biggest single cause of the problem last time, I think everybody agrees, was that mortgages were being given to people by institutions that shouldn't have given them to people who shouldn't have received them and then they packaged them and sold them to people who didn't know what was in them.”
--- End quote ---

Why isn't this guy in prison?

Edited to add: Check out the comments. The libs are still in denial.

All the inmates threatened a boycott.

If Frank were still in the House pulling strings in Congress, there's no way he'd admit to this.  He'd go along with the Party's plans to continue making the same bad decisions and pushing for the same flawed legislation that got us into this mess.

I wonder why he is all of a sudden admitting this?


--- Quote from: wasp69 on September 15, 2013, 11:00:06 PM ---I wonder why he is all of a sudden admitting this?

--- End quote ---

He likes paying lip service?


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