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I started riding when I was a kid, on a Honda S90 back in the mid-60s. Tiny bike, good to learn on. I've owned a number of bikes over the years and bought a Kawasaki Concours14 in 2015 (2012 model). Big bike, heavy, lots of power - more than enough for me.

There are several groups on the interwebs related to this bike and I became a member of the Concours Owners Group a couple years ago. Am now attending my first national rally here in Lake Guntersville, AL.

What a stunning area. Lots of water, lots of twisties, lots of hills, lots of just plain nice scenery.

Will be here till Friday. Let's hope I don't crash and burn, though never let it be said that I am a hotdogger. Perish the thought. I want to live to ride another day and I have spent some time with road rash -- not my cuppa tea!

Enjoy!  I finally broke down and sold my Harley in November.  First time I've been without a bike since 2001.  At one point I was putting down around 15,000 miles per year, but it was taking too much time from the family.


Started with a mini bike in the early 70's, progressed from a Honda 175 to a 750 which I had two of. Rode the heck out of those 750's. Early 80's got a FLT shovel, that was my bike for a lot of years. Great tourer and road bike. I now have a 1985 FXWG with about 120K on it. I've done the cam, carb and pipes.. gets up and goes pretty good.


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