Author Topic: VIDEO: What CBS News Carefully Hides About Maricopa County Ballot Audit  (Read 74 times)

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CBS News and many other news outlets have a sleazy way of keeping you from finding out what is REALLY happening at the Maricopa  County Ballot audit in Arizona. Their technique is to focus in on ultraviolet and bamboo and Q-Anon while conveniently avoiding the many shocking revelations that the auditors have already discovered. A REAL news report at the end of this video will update you on what the pathetic mainstream media is frightened to report.

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Combine the bumbling, which DUmmies have to be noting coming-out of DC... alongwith the glaring fact that the AZ/Michigan election-boards deleted or 'forgot' server-passwords... (which is illegal)

is going to rob them of impetus and conviction.  Sounds wimpy, me stating that, but it's a formidable consequence to any dem who fancies themselves a 'clear thinker'.