Author Topic: Brutal Attacks on Asians continue in San Francisco  (Read 72 times)

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Brutal Attacks on Asians continue in San Francisco
« on: May 05, 2021, 07:01:55 PM »
cinematicdiversions (372 posts)

Brutal Attacks on Asians continue in San Francisco. Man with Stroller brutally beaten
in broad daylight. Two women stabbed. in separate incident

We need better police presence and a better community response. These attacks on innocent Americans in the middle of the day at random need to stop. We need to stop excusing them due to mental illness or Trump inspired racism. We also need to pressure communities to work with the police to help keep our streets safe from random assaults.

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1. The Trump effect!!! The Trump Plague!!! n/t

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2. Another violent attack from behind

****ing animals

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3. Toddler in the stroller. Attacker just pushes it out of his way,

as it it was an empty box impeding his charge away from there. The father's first thought is to check on his child.

I hope they charge that man with child endangerment on top of assault.

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4. This is the third attack I've seen, where the attacker is black.

So, somehow, Trump's MAGA call has crossed the lining of common sense.

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Almost ALL the attacks on asians are from black people in blue hellholes...

How the **** is that Trump's fault???

cinematicdiversions (372 posts)

5. I wish we could opening discuss BIPOC crimes against asians without somehow blaming Trump and his apparently magical mind control powers.

Blaming Cheeto Jesus will do nothing about dealing with this recent upsurge in violence against innocent people by bad actors.


LanternWaste (37,021 posts)

9. As well a discussion as to why many people seemingly bring up violent crime when, and only when the alleged perpetrator is a minority.

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12. Why do you say it has nothing to do with Trump? They keep talking about the gain amount black make voters.

Are you seriously trying to say ALL the violence against asians perpetrated by blacks is done by black TRUMP voters?

rockfordfile (6,547 posts)

8. Arrest them. It's got kanye west type crap written all over it.

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11. What does Kanye West have to do with this ? Kanye is a jackass

but I don't think he has ever been physically violent towards anyone.

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Re: Brutal Attacks on Asians continue in San Francisco
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2021, 07:21:08 PM »
I just posted this article on another conservative news/politics forum:

Suspect in S.F. double stabbing faced assault charges in 2017

The man accused of stabbing two Asian women Tuesday evening in San Francisco was previously charged with assault with a deadly weapon in 2017, according to court records reviewed by The Chronicle.

A judge subsequently sent the man, Patrick Thompson, to a state hospital after finding he was not competent to face those charges.
The arrest came three years after Thompson was transferred to a state hospital in Napa following a San Francisco judge’s ruling that Thompson wasn’t competent to stand trial in his 2017 criminal charges.

Thompson was later placed on a mental health diversion program, which defense attorneys at the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office said he successfully completed in August 2020, according to court filings. Diversion programs allow defendants’ criminal charges to be set aside while they complete community programming and other requirements.

Judges can dismiss cases for defendants who complete diversion programs, but it was not clear from the court filings whether a judge ordered any such dismissal for Thompson.

Let me speculate a little: the guy has a known history of violence; the guy has a known history of mental problems; the stabbings were at a bus stop in the Tenderloin (not a restaurant district!). Whatever the guy's skin color, he's probably one of the Sacred Homeless who litter SF's parks and streets with their needles, crap, and bodies. He may not be sufficiently acquainted with reality to know Trump exists.

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