Author Topic: Stanford medical professor 'stunned' by DeSantis's coronavirus knowledge  (Read 60 times)

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“I had a reporter ask me about him, from Politico, and the sort of line the reporter was trying to give me was that [DeSantis] got lucky, that he turned out to be right … but he got lucky,” Bhattacharya said. “Obviously, there’s great uncertainty about risks about any policy of this kind of scope, but you know, it’s not actually luck. He was very, very well-informed.”

“By adopting a policy that’s robust to scientific uncertainty, he’s sort of inoculated himself against, in a sense, being wrong, because he’s — he’s adopted a policy that will be right over a very broad range of sort of scientific parameters,” Bhattacharya said. “Whereas the lockdown folks, they’re only right for a narrow set of scientific parameters. And those scientific parameters turned out to be not right. So, I think in a sense, he’s not lucky; he actually is smart. And he really got the policy right by delving deep into the science.”
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As politicians go, DeSantis is an outlier. He's smart, well-informed, lucid, and fearless. Unlike Asterisk, who has always been a buffoon.

If it came down to DeSantis versus Trump in the GOP Convention in 2024, DeSantis gets my nod. He's less polarizing than Trump, but that is not to suggest that he would not be a target for the left. The left would be relentless against whomever the GOP candidate is, and they would stoop at nothing to smear him/her.
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