Author Topic: Is it just me, or is having Tim Scott, or any Retrumplican give a rebuttal  (Read 97 times)

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Is it just me, or is having Tim Scott, or any Retrumplican give a rebuttal to Biden's speech like having Jefferson Davis give a rebuttal to President Lincoln's speech?

How can the media cover this, and pretend that this is just "normal" politics.

I'm beginning to think that the last 4 years, and particularly 6 January, broke something inside me.

I don't want to hear from these people.

I don't want to "have a beer" with them.

I really have NO INTEREST in anything they have to say.

If they want me to give one **** about them, they can start with an apology and some serious jail time.

Barring Scott coming out and calling for the expulsion from Congress of 75% of his fellow Retrumplicans, his remarks will be as insignificant as a gnat fart in a hurricane.


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3. F
WIW, Senator Scott did not object to the counting of any of the Electoral Votes.

He might not have objected to the counting of any of the Electoral Votes, but he's dead wrong on almost EVERY side of EVERY huge issue facing this country. In essence, stating that the US doesn't need Dem's and their socialism? To a GQP'er like Scott and his brethren, helping people in dire need during this pandemic is socialism. We need what tRump and his party is offering? Hatred, racism, being a moral, and having more sedition taking place on our US Capitol? The GOP is now straight out the tRump/KKK party, and he's shamefully still a loyal soldier of that party.

The GQP bankrupted this country by giving huge tax cuts to big, rich corporations and the wealthy who never put it back into the economy, and that's goodfor this country? Scott's as big of a wretched, self-hating dirt bag as 99.9% of his GQP party.


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5. "We don't limit reporting opinions to people who are always "right"... the opinion of one side or the other."

I agree with you in the abstract, but 99.9% in the GQP are nothing but LIARS, seditionists, un-american, racist pieces of filth, who do nothing but LIE. tRump's still as of this week talking about how the 2021 election was stolen from him, because he wants to see more violence and grift money. I see few in the GQP calling him out on his LIE about the election being stolen from him, nope many are still going along with his big, fat LIE.

That isn't his opinion, it's a damn LIE that has been disproven. Yet he and a majority of the GQP are still going along with that talking point, and more than likely many in the corporate media want him back so badly because like a deadly train-wreck, he'll draw them ratings via ads which = money.

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7. Do you really want the media deciding WHICH Party gets to speak?

I'm not necessarily talking about the same thing.

What I'm speaking of is that many in the so-called liberal media which doesn't exist really don't check the lies of the GQP. Like I said yesterday, tRump and many in the GQP continue to tell the lie that the election was stolen from fat ass, yet still too many in the media like Mrs. Greenspan (Who wouldn't stop talking about Hillary's emails, yet a friend who can stomach watching her said she didn't mention anything about tRump's kids and other officials in his administration doing the same thing and worse with their private emails/servers. And lets not mention Chuck Toad) seem to gloss right over this, and they also gloss over the fact that people like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz also continually LIE about things concerning Jan. 6th and their part in the civil insurrection that took place there. They're still pushing lies and twisting the truth, and Steve Scalise is nothing but a racist lying dirt bag. That's what I don't like, and if that fat con man does run again for the presidency like he's threatening to, these network heads will be all to happy to follow his every move and give him coverage again, because he brings in ratings which = big money.

The media in essence is/does 'decide' who gets to speak and how much they're shown speaking.

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I've heard there is research suggesting that consuming only partisan news can actually cause brain damage. If true, Exhibit A would be the psychotic rants of people on DU.