Author Topic: VIDEO: Is DOJ Delaying Capitol 'Insurrectionists' Trials Until 2022 Midterms?  (Read 33 times)

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Brian Craig, co-host of the Steve Kane Radio Show, speculated today that the corrupt Department Of "Justice" might be delaying  the trials of the Capitol Hill "insurrectionists" until just before the 2022 midterm elections. That is why I am urging everybody to bookmark this video for reference in the Autumn of 2022 to highlight just how corrupt the DOJ and FBI have become. We already have ample examples of very selective, politically motivated law enforcement such as the raid last week on a home in Alaska in which the  FBI knocked down the door of a home where they merely suspected Nancy Pelosi's laptop might be. Contrast that attitude to how they treat Hunter Biden's laptop as revealed by Rudy Giuliani when they raided his home. They upended the place but the one thing they wouldn't touch were Hunter Biden's hard drives. They didn't want to look at them and didn't want to know anything about them. As far as Hunter Biden's hard drives were concerned they were like Sergeant Schultz. They didn't want to KNOW NUSSING! NUSSING!

A tip for professional criminals out there: The best way to hide your illegal activity information is to place it on a hard drive clearly marked as "PROPERTY OF HUNTER BIDEN." The FBI absolutely will not check that laptop. Guaranteed.