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Leon Hale
« on: April 04, 2021, 12:45:38 PM »
I lost a friend whom I never met on Mar 27th last. He was a story teller of the finest order but also a reporter and a true journalist. He never write to convince anyone to believe as he did except to enjoy life. He wrote stories about farmers, housewives, store clerks and kids. He had a talking mule he stopped by to see every now and then who always had an insight to the human condition but would only talk to Leon and then only if Leon brought an apple with him.

He served in WW2. He wrote without pounding a table top and with no political agenda. He wrote several books each containing his stories about lives other than his own although he was wrapped inside every one of them.
I could write a thesis about why I admired and thought so highly of him but that’s not something for here and now.

Sleep well old friend. I know you’ve a lot of tales to tell St Peter. RIP
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Re: Leon Hale
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Sounds like a man who brought a lot to his community and his family. A WWII veteran who came back and made something of others first, then himself.

Respect.   :taps:
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