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Rainfall in Texas
« on: July 27, 2016, 05:53:46 AM »
I ran into an interesting blurb on the NOAA site.
This applies to the month of May, 2016,, 31 days.

If all the rain were to be spread out evenly over the entire state, it would be 8 inches  deep.
Doesn't sound like much , does it? Time to dig a little.

Splash that amount on Arizona,  and it's 18.86 inches deep.
One for Franksolitch. Nebraska would have 27.84 inches.

That  amount will completely fill, the five largest reservoirs in the USA.

It would weigh,   .... 312,795,648,000,000 pounds.
It has a volume of 34 cubic miles.
It's enough water to run  Niagara Falls at low-flow, nearly 3 years.
BTW, Alaska would only have 3.7 inches.
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