Author Topic: Women still found a way to protect themselves . . .  (Read 11833 times)

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Women still found a way to protect themselves . . .
« on: January 14, 2016, 10:33:34 AM »
I found this on SurvivalBlog this morning.  Interesting.

Ladies . . .

January 3, 2016·   Handy Granny

Dear Sisters,

This is an open letter to all women and girls around the big blue marble we call home.

We have the power.

Here is a subject that seems to be missing in most survival sites and could get me into deep shit if I don’t handle it well. But it is one that I feel is just too important, so I’m willing to risk it. I’ll try to do the very best I can.

Please understand that it is not my intent to put fear into anyone, quite the contrary.  I wish to empower us all and maybe use this forum as a deterrent for those who wish to harm. Let me explain. . .

During a time when my Dad needed care;  At the age of 80 he took a swan dive out of the bath tub while taking a shower and landed on the cold tile floor where he laid for 5 hours before some one came to his rescue. A lady neighbor in the apartment complex “came by to check on him” thank goodness and called me and the hospital. After his release from the hospital I stayed with my Dad in the senior living apartment complex for 4 weeks while he recovered. It was a unique situation living here in a 6 story secured apartment complex. One needed to be 65 or older to live here, however, they granted me my stay to care for my father. I was able to meet and talk to some wonderful older people who were more than anxious to spill their stories on the 50 year old youngster within their midst. The seniors would gather in the commons area on my Dads floor, where I would sit and listen for hours. I took copious notes.

The rest is here:

The part about what happened to rapes in Scotland after word got around that Scottish women were packing small knives is revealing, isn't it?
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