Author Topic: Migrant Crisis Validates Golden Horde Theory Fears  (Read 9478 times)

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Migrant Crisis Validates Golden Horde Theory Fears
« on: September 25, 2015, 08:50:43 AM »
I saw this on Prepper Journal.  It's got some pretty good points.

Migrant Crisis Validates Golden Horde Theory Fears

By Pat Henry on September 22, 2015@prepperjournal

There are conventional buzzwords that many preppers know and spout off about more often than other terms in the course of our conversations about the reasons for certain plans and preparations. “SHTF”, is probably the most commonly used and widely known of these terms even outside the world of prepping. The “Grid going down”, is likely a close second due in no small part to its use in many areas of society, most commonly when we are talking about the electric grid; as in If the electric “grid goes down” you are screwed. The Golden Horde theory is much less known I think than many of the other terms, but its application or maybe the ramifications of this theory could affect your prepping plans just as severely in the right circumstances.

I have written about the Golden Horde theory before but the latest chapter in our ongoing migrant crisis has brought this to the forefront again for me. As I wrote last year, the golden horde is a concept that as far as I can tell was introduced by James Wesley Rawles. I do respect Mr. Rawles – have several of his books in my prepper library and I have been going to his website for years. Mr. Rawles is the writer of several prepper fiction novels (Patriots, Survivors), and probably the first survival book I ever read How to Survive the End of the World As We Know it . He is also the owner of the popular website and we were even fortunate enough to have an interview with James Wesley Rawles on the Prepper Journal almost a year ago exactly.

Mr. Rawles’ golden horde theory has been the subject of many conversations and some fierce debate as well. I know of a few prepping bloggers who simply do not agree with Mr. Rawles on this subject. I tried to state my own rationale behind my beliefs in that previous article just to weigh in and add my own two cents to the argument. In case you were wondering, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Rawles’ Golden Horde theory and believe we are actually witnessing the proof right now on a level that many didn’t expect when they were busy knocking a “prepper fiction writer” for promoting it.

The golden horde theory (in my paraphrased version) says that if we have a TEOTWAKI type of event, the major population centers will soon see a mass exodus of people out of the cities and into the surrounding countryside because the cities will be unlivable. The thinking will be to head to the countryside where there is more room, less violence, more food and a safer existence than in the cities. This means that many of us could face a huge influx of people into our towns and neighborhoods who are walking through who might be looking for assistance, an opportunity to work, barter, steal or acting in desperation to protect their own families.

The Golden Horde Theory is happening right now

There are detractors who say that people won’t flee cities for various reasons. They will either be too lazy or trapped by congested roads so they will stay put, but you only have to look at the news to see how utterly wrong that assumption is. We don’t even have TEOTWAWKI as many have imagined it and yet hundreds of thousands of people are streaming out of cities right now. They are leaving countries and boarding boats, hopping on freight trains and walking (who knew that was possible) away from areas that are dangerous or decaying and heading into new territories. If thousands of people moving around the world seeking a better, safer place aren’t a horde, I don’t know what is.

The rest is here:
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Re: Migrant Crisis Validates Golden Horde Theory Fears
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2015, 01:09:01 PM »
That's why you gotta get there first. Stake your claim, put up your defenses, and fight for your home. Better than the remains of a city that soaked up a century of pollution.

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Re: Migrant Crisis Validates Golden Horde Theory Fears
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2016, 06:22:51 PM »
This has been a concern in the prepper, formerly known as survivalist, community since its inception.  Regardless of what author may have first written about it, the worry had wide currency long before it was written down.  Thing is, the situation being cited as 'Golden Horde' isn't exactly what the concern is.  In the present case, those refugees are fleeing Third-World shitholes to the wealthy URBANIZED areas of Europe, except to the extent they are corralled and kept in the countryside by force.  The concern in the domestic prepper/survivalist community is the collapse of the technologically-highly-dependent DOMESTIC urban areas, with the outlying countryside being flooded by starving and rapacious masses of plunderers from the urban zones.
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