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Post by: Thor on July 26, 2010, 04:49:14 PM
The Las Vegas Review Journal is out for money!!  :bird: They are looking for images and stories from their paper/ online media and filing a lawsuit against those forums and their owners without notice or request of removing the article.
SO..................... PLEASE DO NOT copy, paste or excerpt any article or image from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

If this gets out of hand and members do not comply, we will be forced to seek other remedies against those that refuse to comply. Thanks!!
Post by: Thor on July 27, 2010, 08:52:41 AM
An amendment to my initial post: excerpts from articles belonging to these media outlets will no longer be allowed:

The company was formerly called Donrey Media Group, which was founded by Arkansas media mogul Donald W. Reynolds and based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Reynolds died in 1993. The company was then sold to the Stephens family of Arkansas, best known for their investment banking business Stephens Inc.  in Little Rock. Some of Donrey's properties were sold off, and the company moved its headquarters to Las Vegas, home of its largest newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  The company was re-named Stephens Media Group in 2002. In June 2006, the company became known as Stephens Media LLC. The company has no connection with Stephens Media Group, a radio broadcasting company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The company is a client of Righthaven LLC, which acquires content and sues for copyright violation when that content is reposted on the Internet without permission. Righthaven has filed several lawsuits over content acquired from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a Stephens holding.[1]

Joint Venture

In September 2009, Stephens Media and WEHCO Media Inc., owner of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, announced plans to combine their newspaper operations in Northwest Arkansas and operate as a single company. The venture was approved in November 2009 by the U.S. Justice Department and a new Arkansas Limited Liabilty Company, Northwest Arkansas Newspapers LLC, was formed.

Stephens Media publishes the newspapers of Northwest Arkansas Newspapers and is responsible for editorial content while WEHCO Media controls the advertising, business, production and web operations.

Newspapers in the joint venture include:

The Springdale Morning News The Rogers Morning News Northwest Arkansas Times Benton County Daily Record

    * Stephens Press
    * "Hawgs Illustarted" Springdale, AR. part of joint venture with WEHCO Media
    * "Luxury Las Vegas" magazine Las Vegas, Nevada
Newspapers by State


    * Southwest Times Record, Fort Smith, Ark. (DAILY)
    * Pine Bluff Commercial, Pine Bluff, Ark. (DAILY)
    * North Little Rock Times, North Little Rock, Ark. (Weekly, Thur.)
    * Press Argus Courier, Van Buren, Ark. (twice Weekly, Wed. & Sat.)
    * Jacksonville Patriot, Jacksonville, Ark. (twice Weekly, Wed. & Fri.)
    * Sherwood Voice, Sherwood, Ark. (Weekly, Thur.)
    * Maumelle Monitor, Maumelle, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Cabot Star-Herald, Cabot, Ark. (twice Weekly, Wed. & Fri.)
    * Lonoke Democrat, Lonoke, Ark. (Weekly, Thur.)
    * Carlisle Independent, Carlisle, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Hot Springs Village Voice, Hot Springs Village, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Van Buren County Democrat, Clinton, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Booneville Democrat, Booneville, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Charleston Express, Charleston, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Greenwood Democrat, Greenwood, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Paris Express, Paris, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * White Hall Progress, White Hall, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Lincoln Leader, Lincoln, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Farmington Post, Farmington, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)
    * Prairie Grove Enterprise, Prairie Grove, Ark. (Weekly, Wed.)


    * Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Hilo, HI (DAILY)
    * West Hawaii Today, Kailua-Kona, HI (DAILY)
    * Big Island Weekly, Hilo, HI (Weekly, Wed.)
    * North Hawaii News, Waimea, HI (Weekly, Thur.)


    * Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas, NV (DAILY)
    * Las Vegas CityLife, Las Vegas, NV (Weekly, Thur.)
    * El Tiempo, Las Vegas, NV (Weekly, Fri.)
    * Las Vegas Business Press, Las Vegas, NV (Weekly, Mon.)
    * Boulder City Review. Boulder City, NV (Weekly, Thur.)
    * Ely Times, Ely, NV (Weekly, Fri.)
    * Rebel Nation, Las Vegas, NV (Monthly, 1st of month)
    * Pahrump Valley Times, Pahrump, NV (twice Weekly, Wed. & Fri.)
    * Eureka Sentinal, Eureka, NV (twice Weekly, Wed. & Fri.)
    * Tonopah Times-Bonanza, Tonopah, NV (twice Weekly, Wed. & Fri.)

North Carolina

    * Courier-Tribune, Asheboro, NC (DAILY)


    * The Herald Democrat, Sherman, TX/Denison, TX (DAILY)
    * Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise, Bartlesville, OK (DAILY)
    * Pawhuska Journal-Capital, Pawhuska, OK (twice Weekly, Wed. & Sat.)
    * Anna-Melissa Tribune, Anna, TX (Weekly)
    * Grayson County Shopper, Sherman, TX (Weekly)
    * Prosper Press, Prosper, TX (Weekly)
    * Van Alstyne Leader, Van Alstyne, TX (Weekly)
    * Lake Texoma Life, Kingston, TX (Monthly, 1st of month)


    * The Daily Herald, Columbia, TN (DAILY)
    * The Advertiser News, Spring Hill, TN (Weekly, Wed.)
    * The Value Guide, Columbia, TN (Weekly, Tues.)
    * Franklin Life, Franklin, TN (Monthly, 15th of month)
    * Brentwood Life, Brentwood, TN (Monthly, 1st of month)
    * Healthy Living, Columbia, TN (Monthly, 3rd Wed. each month)


    * The Daily World, Aberdeen, WA (DAILY)
    * The Vidette, Montesano, WA (Weekly, Thur.)
    * The North Coast News, Ocean Shores, WA (Weekly, Wed.)
    * The South Beach Bulletin, Westport, WA (Weekly, Wed.)
    * East County News, Elma, WA (Weekly, Wed.)

 Web sites

    * Gamingwire

 News Bureaus

    * Carson City, NV
    * Washington, DC
    * Little Rock, AR

You may make commentary on the link, but no excerpts from these media outlets or images may be posted
Post by: Thor on July 27, 2010, 09:32:18 AM
A copy of the lawsuit filed against one of the bloggers out there. This is little more than a power grab if one reads the lawsuit.

Wow, if they were to sue CC, they would actually try to take control of CC through litigation......... unreal !!
Post by: Thor on February 12, 2011, 01:09:04 PM
In addition, please do NOT post any part of article or pictures from the Denver Post!! They are also suing people for copyright violations. Thanks!!