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Title: NanceGreggs Prediction ...
Post by: dutch508 on April 29, 2021, 08:18:01 AM
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Prediction ...

Before this year is out, there will be a lot of Republicans wishing they'd put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court when they had the chance.


You mean because he's weaponized the DOJ to go after their political  opponents? :thatsright: Go **** yourself, Nance.

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5. You're probably right

But if you want to play the "What if..." game, let's say AG Garland had been approved for the Supreme Court. Who would President Biden have nominated to be Attorney General? Wouldn't that person have been someone of equal veracity and temperament who would uphold the rule of law? I believe President Biden would have found another equally honest and dedicated servant to that role.

In short, I believe Republicans have been running roughshod over our laws and Constitution for so long that any competent and legitimate AG would have the same field day before them at the Department of Justice. Any superficial examination of the Republicans actions over the last 12 or so years would expose rampant corruption and our hypothetical AG would be just as focused as Mr. Garland appears to be.

However, without a doubt, Republicans must be suddenly trying to cover their fat, corrupt asses.


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14. You and I know ...

... that Biden would have chosen an AG of equal ability - but the Republicans don't know that.

I'm sure many of them are thinking that were Garland on the SCOTUS right now, a less diligent AG might have wound up in the position.

Keep in mind that under Trump, Republicans were used to incompetent people being appointed to the highest offices in government - and therefore probably assume that Joe would have followed suit and chosen some inept political crony, had Garland not been available.

I, for one, love the fact that the GOP are shitting themselves over the idea that Garland as AG is their worst nightmare - despite the fact that anyone Biden appointed would have been just as bad for them.

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16. I agree but I also think that the Repukes will never realize the irony

They don't do irony or regret very well. They also aren't much for self introspection.

But that's OK, we'll get it even if they don't.

Evolve Dammit (5,386 posts)

18. Moscow Mitch: May he be involved as well as Nunes in the Guliani Russian op. nt

Roc2020 (996 posts)

23. ya darn tootin'

Biden's cabinet is motivated by the actions of the former fella

Title: Re: NanceGreggs Prediction ...
Post by: SSG Snuggle Bunny on April 29, 2021, 08:21:36 AM
So, they admit it's retaliation.