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A psychoanalysis of Obama....
« on: November 09, 2014, 09:46:23 AM »
Psychoanalysis is a comprehensive theory about human nature, motivation, behavior, development and experience. Here is Obama's....

Many years ago, I asked a psychologist friend to distinguish between psychopath and sociopath, words I’d often heard used interchangeably. The distinction she drew was memorable. The psychopath, she said, is emotionless. His inability to feel renders him unable to sympathize or empathize. Others’ emotions, whether pleasant or painful, are a blank to him. By contrast, she described the sociopath as conscienceless: a creature who cannot see others as moral agents. To him, others are either tools, or obstructions, or irrelevant. In practice, they tend to behave similarly, despite the varying geneses of their behavior.

My friend was an authority on the subject, having worked extensively with prison populations. I’ve used her distinction to assess many a public figure since then. Many fall into one or the other category, and some belong to both.

Barack Hussein Obama has often been described as a narcissist. That sort of self-worship is consistent with sociopathy, as the sociopath starts out regarding others as objects to be manipulated. Beyond that surface assessment lies an important implication: what to expect from the sociopath when his self-love is challenged by external developments.

The sociopath will feel frustration when others refuse to be manipulated to his liking. He will sometimes lash out against them. We can see a clear case of this in Obama’s famous “What the **** was that?” reaction to Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements during their shared photo-op a couple of years ago. Clearly Obama could not assault the prime minister of Israel while the cameras were on them; still, restraining the impulse seems to have cost him some effort.

The Republican wave of Tuesday certainly challenged Obama’s self-love, to say nothing of the backblast against his attempt to manipulate, not only the electorate, but his co-partisans running for federal legislative offices.

Expect The Won – The Lost? – to act out more than once in the weeks to come.


The entire piece is well worth a full reading.


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Re: A psychoanalysis of Obama....
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2015, 03:54:09 PM »
I would say darn marv, but that wouldn't be powerful enough to convey the imagery I am mulling.
So, Dam marv !
Good find !
The quoted snippet is one of the best discussions I have ever seen on the subject.
It has allowed me to crystalize my thoughts on the subject.
The number 1 requirement of a lib is to be purposely depraved.
The second is to be ruled by your emotions, but it is a close second.
So whereas all libs are sociopathic, that is to say are not the least bit inhibited by conscience, some are also psychopaths.
Some are both of course. Like Hitlery.
There were only two options for gender. At last count there are at least 12, according to libs. By that standard, I'm a male lesbian.