Author Topic: Ranking the Presidents in each of our lifetimes  (Read 135 times)

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Ranking the Presidents in each of our lifetimes
« on: May 15, 2021, 10:03:22 AM »
Libs come up with such fodder frequently, including at the site we love to mock and ridicule.  So I thought I'd rank the U.S. Presidents who have been in office during my 50 years on this planet.

1 - Ronald Reagan (The gold standard.  Most young libs don't realize that the state run media hated Reagan just as much as they hated Trump)

2 - Donald Trump (With 4 more years, could have been better than Reagan.  The best Oval Office occupant at completely trolling the left with every waking moment)

3 - George W. Bush (By no means perfect, but ushered the country through a the 9/11 situation with dignity and grace.  In retrospect, his worst decision was appointing such a weakling as Justice John Roberts to the high court)

4 - George H.W. Bush (Thanks a lot, Perot.  The most honorable U.S. President in my lifetime and really deserved 2 terms)

5 - Gerald Ford (He was not Richard Nixon, the accidental President who just filled the spot)

6 - Richard Nixon (Well, he was a good yet clearly flawed President before Watergate.  Difficult where to place him, but I'd take Tricky Dick over any of the next four clowns)

7 - Bill Clinton (The failed health care takeover by Cankles was quickly derailed, leading to the Republican congressional takeover in 1994.  He moderated a bit and triangulated to win a 2nd term, and was a huge beneficiary of the tech boom, nothing of which he had a thing to do with)

8 - Barack Obama (Similar to Slick Willie, the backlash against his liberalism resulted in the Republicans taking over Congress again.  A sad malaise of 8 years with the big result throwing a giant turd in the punchbowl that already was health care)

9 - Jimmy Carter (Speaking of a malaise, 4 forgettable years for the toothy grinned peanut farmer, at least he didn't go full-on crazy liberal until post-presidency)

10 - Joe Biden (About 5 month in and he's already eclipsed even Jimmah Carter as the worst President in my lifetime.  Has no real principles, and is being bullied by his left flank which is completely aided by the media.  If he were really "Middle of the Road Moderate Joe", he would grow a pair and manage that way.  His brain is broken, and those propping him up are committing elder abuse.  Clearly he ain't running the show)

Just tossed in a sentence or two about each, but please chime in on your thoughts, adjustments to the rankings, and for some adding in other pre-1970 Presidents who were in office during your lifetimes.
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