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Well, it's been a busy year for me writing. At my blog (which is based on the title of a book of mine that criticizes secular beliefs) so far this year I have posted a few articles and the one that got the most attention so far is a summary of feminist Sophie Lewis who says we have to learn to justify abortion as a "form of killing." Not "killing" mind you, but a "form" of killing." This cracked me up when I saw it because she can't even stomach outright calling abortion "killing." She has to, essentially, try to talk herself into approving it. My blog is at

I also have a Wordpress site which criticizes secular evolutionist works mostly.  Table of contents is at
if you like the bashing of evolutionists like Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins, and so forth you'll like my site. This year I posted an article saying that evolution has a historical consistent record of failed claims that are justified away.

Bitch-slapped for promoting your shit on the second post...

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