Author Topic: First it was trans Easter, now it's Trans furs. Fellow MAGAS, take warning!  (Read 832 times)

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Wonder Why (2,913 posts)

First it was trans Easter, now it's Trans furs. Fellow MAGAS, take warning!
I've recently found out that furs may be coming from trans animals. Can you imagine what those sables and mink are doing? Keep away from them.

And boycott airlines. They sell trans furs on their web sites! Evey one of them!

Most local transit systems do the same and some give them out for FREE! How disgusting!

Save your country now.

Trying to be clever but epic fail

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Two hours and only one response. 

Jerry2144 (2,052 posts)
1. And every car needs to be boycotted by them
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Tue Apr 2, 2024, 01:42 PM

Since every car has a trans mission

Dang. Those idiots really are idiots, aren’t they?

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Those attempts at humor are so lame that there are not enough of these in the world to compensate:

If, as anti-Covid-vaxxers claim, , , The Vaccine is deadly, where in the US have Pfizer and Moderna hidden the millions of bodies of those who died of "vaccine injury"? Is reality a Big Pharma Shill?

Millions now living should have died. Anti-Covid-Vaxxer ghouls hardest hit.

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Two hours and only one response. 

Don't quit your day job, assuming you have one. 

Take that Bugs The Parasite Bunny!  :yahoo: :rotf: :fuelfire:
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Maybe they should all move to Trans ylvania
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Maybe they should all move to Trans ylvania

Tim Curry beat them there, and did it better than these losers ever could...

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