Author Topic: VIDEO: Australian 2024 Marxism Conference Commies ALL Wear COVID Masks Indoors  (Read 826 times)

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What is most striking about the 2024 Marxism Conference in Melbourne, Australia that has been going on over the Easter weekend isn't the idiotic blather from the naïve Communist attendees that we've all heard before. Instead it is the photo of the audience itself revealing absolute fealty to virtue signaling COVID masking rules that most of the rest of the world has already ditched. The only reason for their demand for absolute obedience from the Commie audience is to demonstrate Commie control which reveals that was the whole purpose of the worldwide masking and mandate rules during COVID.<p>

So you can ignore the nonsense the Commies are spouting in this video and pay attention only to how they are ACTING, namely in complete unquestioning obedience to orders no matter how RIDICULOUS they may be such as wearing COVID masks in 2024.

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Still wearing masks, eh?
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More likely they’re wearing them to hide their identity then for Covid.
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More likely they’re wearing them to hide their identity then for Covid.

Yup. They don't want to be identified.
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More likely they’re wearing them to hide their identity then for Covid.

Just like US Antifoids when they get violent?
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Yup. They don't want to be identified.

Don't need individual identification for these mouth breathers. Just the 'couf mask alone is all the identifying characteristic I need...

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