Author Topic: VIDEO: J.D. Vance Says "Illegal" 40 Times In Speech About Biden Border Failure  (Read 75 times)

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You know how you can tell if a public official is SERIOUS about stopping the Biden Open Border Policy? If that official actually says the word "illegal" or "illegally" when referring to the the illegal aliens who cross our open borders. One such person who does not shy for saying "illegal" is Ohio Senator J.D. Vance who used the terms "illegal" and "illegally" FORTY times in a recent one hour speech on the subject of the Biden Open Border Policy. In this video I present the highlights of Vance saying "illegal" and "illegally" in that speech. Oh, and Vance most definitely did not do an apology tour afterwards like Joe Biden did with an apology tour saying how sorry he was for saying "illegal" when referring to the accused illegal alien murderer in Georgia. By contrast whenever you hear a politician talking about the need for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" that really means he is really for open borders plus amnesty.

Whoever President Trump picks as his VP will need to highlight the Biden Open Border Policy when running against Kamala Harris who utterly failed in the one important mission given to her as supposed Border Czar. This J.D. Vance speech proves he would be a great VP choice to take on Biden's failure of a Border Czar in this year's election because he is SERIOUS about exposing and attacking the Biden/Harris Open Border Policy.

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Ya know, since Merrick Garland is arguing that former Presidents can be prosecuted after leaving office for things done as part of their duties, let's make sure LIEden gets prosecuted as a co-conspirator in every crime committed by an illegal who entered the US during LIEden's MalAdministration.
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How about for every illegal that cross the border under his watch, and every student loan, that he forgave when told not to why the Supreme Court and then on top of that all add all the corruption and his son have done selling influence and selling the country down the toilet to our enemies
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I will give up my guns when the liberals give up their illegal aliens

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