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If True, What Did Joe Paterno Know?

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If True, What Did Joe Paterno Know?
Allegations against former assistant Jerry Sandusky raise questions about coach

By Jeff MacGregor
Updated: November 7, 2011, 3:33 PM ET

The damage control began in earnest Sunday night. The lawyering. The spin. The sudden return to retirement; the midnight administrative leave. The Nixonian press release. Everyone "shocked." Everyone "deeply troubled."

If true, the staggering liability. If true, the panicked cover-up.

If true. "We were all fooled."

By the time you read this, Joe Paterno might have resigned. Or worse yet, not resigned. Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been indicted on scores of counts of felony sexual abuse of minor boys. Penn State officials have been indicted and charged with perjury.

If true? Another American tragedy. If true? Another abject failure of moral obligation. And if true, the story for as long as it lasts -- 24 more hours or the next hundred years -- will be a question: "What did Joe know, and when did Joe know it?"


In other words -- If True -- I didn't know anything. Once informed of something, I did the minimum: I kicked it up the chain, looked away and chose never to think of it again.

If Paterno knew something and did nothing, he's an accessory. If he didn't know, he should have known. Such are the burdens of omniscience as understood by the cult of the Division I football coach.


The failure here is complete. Utter. The failure of the institution and the failure of the individual. The failure of the community. The failure of common decency.

My fellow cavers, I cannot put into words how utterly sick this mess at Penn State has made me.  Joe-Pa has had a legendary career and (for the most part) has done his best to maintain a standard for his players and program while keeping the stain of scandal off of his school.  This kicking of an incident up the chain of command with no follow up action is a total collapse of leadership.  Good, bad, ugly, otherwise - it's his program and he's ultimately responsible.  No child should have ever been assaulted and nothing done to make sure it never happened again.


Just finished reading the Grand Jury findings........One of the most disturbing instances of child sex abuse i have ever read...I really hope he didn't know anything because if he did they should bury him and Jerry Sanduskey under the jail!

Joe Pa will quietly resign by the end of the season.  Doubtful he'll even attend the bowl game they play in at the end of the year.

Yeah, it's a mess, and the fact that there were witnesses who didn't even make an attempt to stop the act is a sad statement on morals in America today.

For those who haven't read it..... :o :censored:


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