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my fake baby

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--- Quote from: Hawkgirl on January 08, 2008, 07:32:56 PM --- :mental:

Psychiatric Intervention STAT.

--- End quote ---
Can't we just taze them back to reality?

i have met some bat shit crazy women but this wins the prize.

I found out about these wackos a few years ago.  When Lilly first went to visit her g'ma in Vegas, G'ma took her to the mall, in a teeny tiny baby doll stoller (she wasn't quite five pounds yet) and everyone thought she was one of those baby dolls and it wasn't until a group gathered to admire the "doll" and Lilly woke up and smiled and the admirers actually shrieked that they realized G'ma wasn't one of the fruitcakes...

Well, they really do look realistic....Props to the creator....but it's just....bizarre...
Can't believe there is actually a market for these things.  If someone is that lonely, why not just get a pet?? 

I mean, I know kids are known to have imaginary friends (I never did)...but imaginary babies?  Talk about untreated psychosis.


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