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'Professional hypochondriac' arrested in Austria

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--- Quote ---VIENNA (AFP) - A 59-year-old Austrian man has been arrested for faking illnesses and injuries so that he could live rent-free in hospitals for the past two years, police announced on Tuesday.

The man, who has been unemployed for 21 years, faked so many injuries and illnesses that he was able to stay in a total of 93 different hospitals since 2005, local police in Muerzzuschlag in Styria said in a statement.

His scam was estimated to have cost the Austrian healthcare system as much as 100,000 euros (147,000 dollars) in bed and board during the period, the police said.

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This just makes me sick :-)


--- Quote from: jtyangel on January 08, 2008, 05:42:43 PM ---This just makes me sick :-)

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His behaviour was a real headache for the Austrian authorities.

I wonder if he threw up a fit when they captured him?

I hope that this is a one off. I wouldn't want this sort of behaviour transplanted to other countries.  :-)


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