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Car question for Crazy Horse and anyone else who might know

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I didn't want to highjack Frank's thread in the Whineyzone.....but reading the replies, a lightbulb kinda went off...specifically this one:

--- Quote from: Crazy Horse on January 06, 2008, 03:29:20 AM ---With the signifigant removal of fluid. I have a few questions.

http://[b]1. Is the passenger floorboard wet?[/b]
2. If you start the vehicle with the radiator cap removed does it bubble?

3. Where you bought the vehicle do they have a warranty?

--- End quote ---

I bought a used 2001 Nissan Pathfinder in 2004 with no problems at all except there's always a big wetspot on the driver floorboard.  We've had various mechanics look it over, and nobody can find the source.  It was owned by people in New York, so I was afraid the floorboard was rusted out from excessive salt, but that's apparently not the case.  But this answer to Frank has me intrigued....

What were you thinking about Frank's car would cause a wet floorboard?  Could it apply to my driver's side floorboard???  Or am I totally grasping at straws?

Crazy Horse:
A busted heater core.

You problem just sounds like a leak with the water following the least resistive path

Oh.   Sigh.


are ya gettin antifreeze on the windshield?

Not that I can tell.  Just pine sap.


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