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What day is it? (Tuesday? Jan 8th)

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Happy Birthday Jetty!!!!!!!  :bday: :bday: :bday:

Weather here is still warm, although it is overcast today. I'm not sure if it rained last night, but it looks like it did.

Taking the baby to Gymboree early this afternoon, and continuing on to do more things around the house.

Oh, I have as little to do with my ILs as possible. My MIL died a year and a half ago  :popcorn:

Happy Birthday!!!!

I'm sorry about your BIL.

TOTD: reading. I devour books!

i'm a big reader... just started my first ever Book Club with some ladies in the neighborhood.

we had a New Year's Eve party at our house and somewhere in and amongst the alcohol, we decided a book club would be fun   :thatsright:

we're reading Eat Pray Love and about 60 pages in, I kid you not, the author says something about the 2004 elections 'being stolen by the Republicans' ... *sigh*

i'm trying to finish it but i'm really just going to hang out with the girls and enjoy happy hour..  :cheersmate:

Happy Birthday jtyangel!  :-*

(I'm still having a hell of a time remembering this new screen name)

Took my daughter to the doctor this morning at 8:15.  Basically there isn't much wrong with her so I took her butt back to school.

I'm sitting here looking out my window and everyone's garbage is blowing down the street and landing in my yard.   :censored:  Today is garbage day (normally it is picked up by now) and it is windy as crap.  Some people don't secure their garbage very well and it is making me mad.  The way our house sets at the end of the street, everything blows into our yard and ends up in a little corner of our yard on the side of the house.  I have been out picking up everyone's crap about 8 times already.  It is pissing me off.   :banghead:

TOTD:  I don't think........Just kidding.  I read a lot.

A beautiful, warm, day here.

TOTD: I like soduku. I like crossword, chess, and books.



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