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What day is it? (Tuesday? Jan 8th)

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OH yeah, I'm even older then before today :bawl: :-)

ON a serious note though, please excuse my absence from the forum. I attend my bil's funeral and wake today and then I have some catching up to do on school and then I'll be back again. Meh, later in the week probably.  :-)

It is nearly 60 degrees this morning in central OH and thunderstorms are predicted! Nice little break from the cold weather and i'm loving it.

I didn't watch my Buckeyes choke last night. I was too tired after a day of driving back and forth and the viewings and went to bed when the game started. Sounds like it's nothing worth watching. :whatever:

TOTD: Besides discussing or debating on this forum, what is your favorite 'thinking activity'? Crosswords, word games, puzzles, reading, etc?

I have to say I love reading when I have the time and I also like games that involve hand/eye coordination.

Good Morning! Sorry about your bil. He must have been young, what happened?


--- Quote from: ToastedRachel on January 08, 2008, 06:05:18 AM ---Good Morning! Sorry about your bil. He must have been young, what happened?

--- End quote ---

He's middle aged...53..lots of health problems attributable to drinking, but what did him in was emphysema...he was a 3 pack a day guy who has had asthma since he was like 10 and been smoking nearly as long(he even told us the doctor's said his lungs were a mess--scarred badly). He was over here about a month ago and he was passing out-literally having passing out episodes when seated and his breathing would be horrible sounding. I knew it wasn't going to be that much longer and had a discussion with my other half about it then maybe hoping to prep him since he gets in denial mode. This is the first sibling out of 7 to pass however and the oldest brother to boot so it's been pretty traumatic for them. They asked me to read the poem at his eulogy today as none of them will be able to get through it without crying:-(

I wasn't particularly close to him, but he was a character. My recollection of him was when he was out with us in Arizona and we had a debate over religion and I had to ask him to leave. 2 hours later bounty hunters came to our door looking for him.  :o I was raised in a very reserved household so this naive little girl was like WTF did I sign up for with this family?  Suffice to say my other half is a lot more reserved then his siblings too. :lmao:


Happy Birthday Jetty!

Happy Birthday, Jtty!

My day is lookig up...checked my e-mail and the parent meeting for dance company that was supposed to be tonight was cancelled! :cheerleader2:

My youngest has his first basketball practice tonight, too...should be fun.

Heading to the grocery store after I drop the youngest off at school.

Then I might find something to do to enjoy the beautiful weather we are still having!

totd: I love to read...I also like to so puzzles and word puzzles. 


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