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Sunday is for slouching(day thread goodness)

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So it is almost 10 and I see no day thread :bawl: Meh, I'm putting off school work and getting the kids school clothes ready for their return tomorrow so I'll do it!

It's typically gray here in the central OH today, but thankfully it has warmed and we are expecting 70 by my bday on Tuesday. Now that's a gift I'll take--near summer like weather. :-)

Arrangements are made for my bil's memorial and today really is just a day of nothing much going on on that front. We went to the mil's last night where most of the other siblings were and played the video tribute set to songs his brother loved. The one that probably got the most tears rolling were his most recent pictures set to Johnny Cash's Dirt. You'd have to know my bil to know the song choices. He was a traveling type man, got along with everyone, but an alchoholic. He was a character and would talk to anybody. He and I had some roundabout debates on religion--one that got him kicked out my house once :lmao:(see I'm not always sweet). He also would discuss history and current events a lot.
He was the type of person that didn't have a lot, but would give you the shirt off of his back if he could.  If he could have kicked the bottle(and the cigs) he would have probably lived to a ripe old age, but the bottle  mostly was his demon. It's a pity, he was really something else under all that. All his medical problems were exacerbated by Hepatitis which he contracted years ago in an emergency surgery. He just couldn't kick the bottle though to get himself on the transplant list. Vices and the emotional problems that underly them can be wicked things and lead people on a path of lifelong self-destruction--my bil was one such casualty of those things. His name was Eddie so if you say a little prayer we'd appreciate it. He was the 2nd oldest of 7 and the oldest brother of 3 brothers.

Sorry to be such a downer, but Ed was a good fellow plagued by his own demons. I felt the need to pay tribute to him in some way, in my own way.

Other then that, please, everybody contribute as you normally would. I guess that is the input I needed to make today in the day thread.

TOTD: What music would you want at your memorial? Include both contemporary and religious music if you have both.

I have to think on this a bit.

Lazy day here...slept in 'til 9!  The Nyquil did it's trick last night.

Gotta do some laundry and general cleaning today.  Nothing exciting, so I'll probably be around here a lot!

TOTD:  I've no idea, really. 

TOTD: Not sure I want a service,have always said they could just drag me into the woods and leave me there.


--- Quote from: CarlR on January 06, 2008, 09:07:03 AM ---TOTD: Not sure I want a service,have always said they could just drag me into the woods and leave me there.

--- End quote ---

LOL...I've told folks here to burn me and throw me out over my favorite jetty(hey jty(jetty) angel came from somewhere you know :tongue:)

I'm still sitting around--it's about 9:45 a.m. central time, 8:45 a.m. mountain time--because I'm getting conflicting instructions from different people about the motor vehicle, which is 40 miles away, and trying to iron out those contradictory instructions so that something works.

It's supposed to be a "good" week, weatherwise, here in Nebraska.  There might even be couple of days where Nebraska is warmer than Lost Angeles, for example.

As for "memorial music," my instructions, consistent with my religious belief that the body is dust, the soul is Eternal, are that I'm supposed to be disposed of no better than the poorest person in the county, such as an unidentified vagrant, is disposed of.  I have no idea what that is.

I had a high-school guidance counselor who had a reputation for being "anti-religious," and when he died a couple of years ago, there was no service.  He wasn't anti-religious, though.

This guidance counselor, as a green 18-year-old in the U.S. Army in 1945, had been one of the first--probably one of the first five or six people specifically--to come upon a concentration camp in southern Germany.

It was a shock.  And no one had any idea it was there, or what it was.

Anyway, it marked him so much he finally decided that people much better than he had been "disposed of" with no marking of their passing, and so what right did he have to get any special treatment?

As for music if a memorial service were held, the same thing I did for the siblings; "The trumpet shall sound" aria from Handel's Messiah, with ear-shattering fanfares of trumpets cracking the stained glass of the windows.


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