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--- Quote from: Splshdown on January 05, 2008, 10:17:19 AM ---
TOTD: I resolved not to make any! ;)

--- End quote ---

Same here! :p

Today, I'm just finishing up laundry and getting last-minute items together for the journey to Savannah.

 :rotf: Flame and Carl.

I had my son do his weekly chores which consist of cleaning his own room (he has to pick it up, dust it, and change his sheets), and he cleans his own bathroom...both have to pass my inspection  :evillaugh:

Then I played with both of them. I was going to take the baby to her Gymboree play class, but she's got a stuffy nose, and I'm not feeling too hot myself (feeling achy). Then I was going to take both of them out, but instead we're just hanging out watching the Beverly Hillbillies  :rocker2:

TOTD: it's all been shot to hell already  :bird:

We took the cards and decorations down other half says its a Scots tradition to leave them till a certain dated. I am SO glad Christmas is over..dopnt get me wrong I love the season...but what a bloody headache. :banghead:

Traffic, shopping....ugh.

My family let me sleep in till 11:30 this morning!!!  :tongue:

Drinking coffee and dinking around on the internets.

I have to go to a job related Holiday party with my wife tonight.  :jerkit:

I HATE parties like that.  With the burning intensity of a thousand white hot suns.

They are all Pathologists and my wife is a freak of nature in that she is bubbly and outgoing.

Normally you can tell an extroverted Pathologist by the fact that they stare at YOUR shoes when they talk to you.

REturned a bit ago from the movie with my daughter and her friend. Miserable looking skies outside...I can feel the sinus headache coming on already.
I'm looking out at the yard and aware of all that needs to be done and knowing now that we've passed the holidays, the work is a mere 3 months or so away from being started. My classes look to be a pia this semester, but not too much more of this.
My bil died and I will be attending his funeral on my there's a way to celebrate :banghead: but I wouldn't say that to family of course.  Just how things happened.

TOTD: I too did not make resolutions.


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