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Good morning, everyone.

I tried to make my own maple and brown sugar oatmeal this morning. It was okay for my first try. I will definitely have to play around with the amount of sugar and syrup I put in because it wasn't very flavorful.

In a bit, I'm heading over to my folks' house to use their washing machine because mine is still broke and maintenance hasn't even been out to look at it yet.  :banghead:

TOTD: How are you doing on those New Year's resolutions?

Tearing down the Christmas decorations today.

TOTD: I resolved not to make any! ;)

Atomic Lib Smasher:
I am also taking down the Christmas decorations today, but I gotta clean out my basement first. Lot of junk down there that needs to be dealt with. Also, giving some coats and old clothes to Goodwill, maybe renting another movie to watch after today's playoff games, and... well, that's about it.

TOTD: Well, I picked up my free weights again a couple times this week, but tried putting down the cigs a couple times this week.... nothing doing.

I have cracked the whip over the boys this morning..the 12 yr old is cleaning the kitchen, the 7 yr old is cleaning the bathroom.

Mr Flame is in the garage working on his car (fuel leak).

I'm hiding in the bedroom, surfing, and watching ANTM marathon.  I'm so ashamed!  :loser:

TOTD: I didn't make any resolutions, so I guess I'm doing ok!

TOTD:Still on the wagon.


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