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We need WE's Friday Night Threads

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Then this place will feel like home to me.  :cheersmate:

He's registered...we need to drag his butt over here for the happy hour threads :cheersmate:

Atomic Lib Smasher:

--- Quote from: jendf on January 04, 2008, 11:43:08 PM ---Then this place will feel like home to me.  :cheersmate:

--- End quote ---

I was gonna say, someone send him an invite? After all, he is one of the "casualties of the Ron Bot wars". LOL

I think it's great that so many CUers have come over here.  :rocker2:

He and Freep were some of the first I invited. I promoted Freep when he was gone, and was going to promote him, but he never came back. I don't understand it either. He's like the only one that hasn't been back.


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