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2700+ miles and a flat tire in Atlanta . . .


Just returned after cannonballing from Rotonda West, FL, to the Little Rock, AR area. Mrs E was on hand to help with the driving chores, which were considerable. Something like 1,100 miles, one-way; 2,700 miles round-trip (including my 50-mile trips to the gig and rehearsal sites every day x 6 days).

Participated in the Windjammers, Unlimited convention, which is a twice-yearly affair (not counting Covid, of course). Our last winter convention was held in January 2020, so we were ready for another series of brutal rehearsals and 4 gigs.

Your humble correspondent was invited to solo on Karl L. King's "A Night in June", a serenade to be played during any and all occasions, but probably most likely a CIRCUS in which young ladies are twirling and spinning and otherwise making physical upper body strength look both easy and sexy. I prepared accordingly for this honor and soloed on 4 occasions, one of which at the John Ringling Museum in which we sustained wind gusts of at least 40 mph. (I had to put my foot on the feet of the music stand to keep it from blowing over.) My cousin and his wife, who happened to be in the general area, attended and I was most glad to see them both. Mrs. E and her brother and SIL also attended, and I was starting to feel like some kinda rock star -- without the entourage, of course!

It was a hectic schedule with a TON of playing, but as I said, I prepared well and had plenty of gas left in the tank when we finished. This is esoteric stuff, I know, but it happens to be the stuff that puts a smile on my face and to see those glorious young people who -- despite their ubiquitous cell phones and distractions of all types that weren't there 100 years ago -- make the circus arts so wonderful to see. I was proud to lend my musical voice to what they were doing with their strong bodies and daredevil acts and so too were the many members of Windjammers.

I thank Mrs. E for her support and her brother and SIL for their hospitality. They were able to visit and share family stuff while I was away, and as an extra added bonus, Mrs. E found out that her grandson, Ian (no relation to the hurricane) and his SO Gabby are expecting her SECOND child, which makes both of those children Mrs. E's GREAT-grandchildren. She could not be more proud and pleased. Of course, they had a chance to visit as well.

Florida can be quite breezy in January, and very cool (low 40s), but this is t-shirt weather for me.

Sorry for the long diatribe, but I've been up all night and am probably a little out of sorts. Very glad to be home now, even with a flat tire we sustained south of Atlanta. (I'll get it looked at tomorrow, thanks.)


Is there a youtube video?

Sounds like a good time.  Glad you were able to go and enjoy!



--- Quote from: Rick on January 16, 2023, 01:12:23 PM ---Ok

Is there a youtube video?

--- End quote ---

Lots of video was taken, but I don't think it's been edited and uploaded yet. There will be video posted soon, especially on the WJU web site.

In the meantime, this is the Windjammers Unlimited website, or you can do a simple search on the Youtube page for previously recorded videos.

Thank you


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