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Skinny Was Picked On By Other Boys Until He Stood His Ground -


-- The Rest of the Story by Paul Harvey

I remember listening to Paul Harvey with my stepdad in the Sixties. We were in his van, which was outfitted with a number of bins containing parts for appliances of all types. He went on "calls" to fix those appliances, and I have never known any other man who was as adept with mechanical machines as he was. Dad (that's what I called him) passed in 2008 and I still miss him. He taught me a bunch and I still have some hand tools he gave me.

Anyway, I was always transfixed by Paul Harvey's stories. Some can say, and they're not wrong, that Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" fame has adopted that same style. But there is something about the radio, and a captivating story, and a sort of mystery until the story is fully explained. Paul Harvey built a career on that idea, and oh, was he good.

With Paul Harvey, the story always involved a person or a thing or idea that perhaps didn't go right -- until it did go right through hard work, a strong work ethic, and a desire to do the right thing.

These are qualities that many leftists just can't identify with and while I won't belabor that point, I hope you listen to this story about Skinny and his airedale dog.

Similar to my background. Even riding along in dad's appliance repair/installation truck. Radio allowed my mind to add the visual as I saw fit to a story. That just doesn't work with TV.

Mike Rowe does a podcast along the same lines as what Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story was.  I think it's called The Way I See It, or something.  It's really good.  If you haven't heard it you should look it up.



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