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Climate Activist dies after lighting himself on fire outside Supreme Court

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Mr Mannn:

Click the link for the story. the title says it all. This was a futile attempt to connect something with Earth Day.
I say look at his picture below. It just screams he has mental problems. He chose to die in the most painful way and he will be forgotten tomorrow. No one will psychoanalyze him. No one will scrutinize his social media. A wasted pointless death.

"A wasted pointless death."

Oh boy, do I ever agree with that Mr. Mannn!  Such a poor foolish soul!!!

On "Earth Day" naturally!  :lmao: (No comment needed from me.)   :

Will now go back & read from your link.

You'd think a climate activist would find a method of suicide that wouldn't add carbon to the enviroment.

Something of note from your link ...

"A Facebook page belonging to a person named Wynn Bruce said he was a Buddhist and a climate activist.

In 2020, Bruce left a cryptic Facebook comment that included a fire emoji and the date of his death, 4/22/2022."

SNIP ...

A Buddhist priest from Boulder said she knew Bruce and called his death “an act of compassion.”

“This guy was my friend. He meditated with our sangha [Buddhist community],” Dr. K. Kritee wrote.

This act is not suicide. This is a deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis."

Still more at the link.

Sorry Zath ... if I repeated anything you wrote.

You came in before me while I was still doing my 2-fingered typing!   :-)


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