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Brooklyn subway shooting: person of interest identified

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Published April 12, 2022 7:28pm EDT

--- Quote ---An armed suspect donning a gas mask and a construction vest set off a smoke canister and fired 33 times inside a Brooklyn subway train and station around 8:24 am Tuesday morning as a Manhattan-bound N train approached the 36th St. station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The suspect’s shots struck multiple people on the subway car and on the platform, authorities said. The suspect was described as an approximately 5-foot-5 Black male with a heavy build and remained at large as of Tuesday evening.

At least 10 people were shot, including 7 males and 3 females, authorities said. Thirteen people suffered injuries from smoke inhalation, falling down, or a panic attack. Five people were in critical condition but were expected to survive.

At least 29 in all were treated at hospitals for gunshot wounds, smoke inhalation, and other conditions. None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.
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Kinda wondering if Mayor Adams is thinking, "That heavy-set black man could be my son."

If he is, Barry would be so proud.  :loser:

Brooklyn subway shooting: Person of interest Frank James posted racist rants to YouTube for years

--- Quote ---NEW YORK – Frank James, the man the NYPD identified as a person of interest in connection with the Brooklyn subway attack Tuesday morning, posted a string of antagonistic video rants to a YouTube channel for years.

Using titles like "DOMESTICATED AVERAGES" and "SENSIBLE VIOLENCE," James posted hour-long, profanity-laced rants about race, politics and current events. The banner image showed an alarm clock reading "Too Late."

 "When you talk to folks [about] what happens to you in prison, it is what it is," he said in the "DOMESTICATED" video. "That’s why I’m never going to prison… I’m not connected, I don’t have nobody, [and] nobody has my m---------ing back."
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The shooter is identified as Frank James.

Brooklyn subway shooting suspect Frank James in custody after massive manhunt.

Live on FNC.  NYPD briefing coming up soon.

Sorry SVPete ...

Didn't see your post in the "Shoutbox" ...

You beat me by 4 minutes.


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