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Why I think people call cops when a black person is just going about their life.

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Why I think people call cops when a black person is just going about their life.
As in this thread:

I believe it is because in their weak simplistic minds, they take the Dotard’s administration and his racist remarks and others Republican politicians’ racist remarks as a signal that it‘s okay for them to return to behaviors of the bad old days of segregation. When POC “stayed in their place“ and were not allowed in certain areas.
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2. I imagine they think the cops are going to side with racism
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3. This shit has been going on continuously.

Piss Wig kind of made it ok in the minds of idiots but this has always gone on. We just hear more about it with the ubiquitousness of cameras and the internet putting everything on blast.

It’s not a new thing at all.
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White liberals don't like it when the POC leave their plantation shacks and visit the main house.

DLR Pyro:

--- Quote ---Jesse Jackson is traveling the country with a tough anti-crime message that he is delivering to inner-city youngsters. In Chicago he said, "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery -- then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved."
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Weird. I see a black person (or East Asian person, or Indian person, or Hispanic person) stroll through my neighborhood - which happens several times a day, since they are neighbors - and have no impulse to call the police. Is there something wrong with me? Or something wrong with DU-grade Proggies' stereotype?

Now, if I see a stranger of any skin color closely checking out cars parked along the street, I might call out to them or call the police. It's their behavior, not their skin color.

Which is worse, a white person suspecting an unknown black person in their neighborhood may be up to something nefarious or a POC faking a racial incident just to make it look like all whites are racist?


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