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Millions of Muslims are Converting to Christianity


Mr Mannn:
Millions of Muslims are Converting to Christianity After Having Dreams and Visions of Jesus Christ

--- Quote ---Muslims by the millions are converting to Christianity. This has never happened before, and the astounding explanation given by many of the converts is that they are seeing dreams and visions of Jesus.
--- End quote ---
Dinesh is saying that some estimates have 6 million muslims converting a year.
I have heard this from many sources over the last few years. Its feeling like the last great harvest where the Word is preached to all the earth.

Many of the Muslim converts bring a stronger commitment to the faith than many of those who were born into their Christian faith. Imagine living in a country where conversion to Christianity means death. I wonder how many western Christians would be willing to die for their beliefs?

The Church is growing around the world, especially in persecuted nations (China, Afghanistan, ect)  Here in the US though....

Survey Finds Only 9% of Self-Identified Christians Hold to Biblical Worldview

While there are some levels of social persecution in America, being Christian is not a matter of life or death here.  That in part has generated many of these soft, ignorant Christians who don't really have any idea what the Bible says. 

I believe it was Tertullian who said, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church."

SSG Snuggle Bunny:
Baruch ha'Shem


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