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Sex Crime Allegations Rock Loudoun County Schools

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Sex Crime Allegations Rock Loudoun County Schools

--- Quote ---Virginia's Loudoun County school district is being rocked by sexual misconduct allegations, with three cases surfacing in recent days.

Loudoun County police on Thursday charged high school counselor Ann Barrett, who allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with an underage student from 2013 to 2015. Loudoun County Public Schools placed Barrett on leave in May after the case surfaced. The counselor turned herself in and was later released on bond.

Police are also investigating a boy at Harmony Middle School who allegedly groped male classmates last week in a hallway.

And on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported that the 15-year-old "gender-fluid" high schooler who last month was found guilty of raping a classmate in a school bathroom sent nude photos of himself to a girl when he was in the fifth grade. The girl's parents decided not to seek charges against the boy as long as the school district separated him from their daughter.
Sexual assaults and other incidents in schools have driven concerns among parents that their children's safety is being jeopardized by school officials who play politics, Nicole Neily, president of Parents Defending Education, told the Washington Free Beacon.

"I think there's a real sense among parents right now that districts are neglecting basic things like student safety in favor of advancing a political agenda," Neily said. "And you don't have to have a letter by your name to be upset by that. It's a really bad look for people, and voters are unhappy."
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"Advancing a political agenda"? Like Obama's race-based changes to school discipline policies? Like in Broward County and how Nikolas Cruz was not appropriately disciplined and isolated from other students because (in part) of his Hispanic family name?!

The more academic and disciplinary actions and policies are subordinated to race politics, the deeper PSs' dive into a social and educational sewer.

The way it's starting to sound, Loudoun County is little more than a faggot factory with a few normies thrown in just to be disruptive.  :fuelfire:

Lots of money in Loudoun County.

Perfect.  :whistling:


--- Quote from: Eupher on November 07, 2021, 05:40:30 PM ---The way it's starting to sound, Loudoun County is little more than a faggot factory with a few normies thrown in just to be disruptive.  :fuelfire:

Lots of money in Loudoun County.

Perfect.  :whistling:

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Speshul widdle snowflakes gotta do something to whore for attention. If that something is taking a penis up your colon, well...

Loudoun County schools charge mom $36,000 to respond to open records request on ‘sexual assault,’ ‘rape’

--- Quote ---A parent filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Loudon County Public School District when administrators charged $36,000 to retrieve records related to possible sexual assaults.

Michelle Mege, a mother in the district, wanted to search for any communications – including press releases, statements or emails – that used the words "sexual assault" or "rape" between May 1 and Oct. 18 this year.

The extravagant fee derived from the hourly rate needed to review documents, which is around $72.15, according to a school official.
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Crooked school board.  :mental:

Loudoun Officials Could Face Criminal Charges For Rape Coverup

--- Quote ---A grand jury is eyeing Loudoun County, Virginia, officials for their alleged role in the coverup of a rape committed by a transgender student in a school restroom first revealed by The Daily Wire.

The 2021 incident drew national outrage and galvanized local parents angry that the boy, who wore a skirt to school and raped a ninth-grade classmate in the girls’ bathroom, had been quietly transferred to another school where he sexually assaulted another student. Shortly after the first sexual assault, the superintendent publicly said no assaults had occurred in school restrooms. In a news release, Loudoun County Public Schools acknowledged the latest development and pledged to cooperate.

“LCPS intends to cooperate with the lawful requests of the special grand jury, while protecting the privacy rights of our students to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with all applicable legal privileges,” LCPS said.

The existence of the grand jury was first reported by Loudoun Now reporter Hayley Milon Bour, and came after an order from Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA).
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Loudoun County school board is under investigation for covering up sexual abuse.


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